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Garage de Paarl

History of Garage de Paarl

Mr. Nabibaks Mahomed-Saliem† (also known as Jansie Saliem) was born on October 1st, 1936 in Paramaribo. He started at the age of 25 with the establishment of Garage de Paarl. Mr. Saliem came up with the name Garage de Paarl which he got from the theater de Paarl that was under construction at that time. With only one car as a taxi he worked to go ahead in life. Later on, Garage de Paarl had the first limousine — type Mercedes Benz — in Suriname, also the first Air Conditioned Coaster bus and the first luxury Station with Air Conditioning. Garage de Paarl is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Suriname since January 10th, 1978.

Later on Mr. Saliem handed over the company to his younger brother Rene Nabibaks who later transferred the company in 1985 to Mr. Armand Nabibaks, the oldest son of Jansie Saliem. Mr. Armand Nabibaks handed over the company to Mr. Albert Nabibaks, his younger brother, who is up to present day the director of Garage de Paarl. And may he blossom the company further with God’s will.

North, South, East and West, Choose for Garage de Paarl, That’s the best!! The only real reliable garage in Suriname.

The CEO,
Mr. Albert Nabibaks