How do I meet the driver?

Upon arrival in the arrival hall at the airport you should now go to UNIT 31 of Garage de Paarl. Please provide your name when you get there; the names of the arriving passengers are listed in our unit. There will also be a digital screen in front of our unit. Passengers that have a reservation will see their names on this screen. From here you will be guided by the relevant driver to the vehicle. Your driver will have a red or white shirt on, and a badge with “Garage de Paarl” on it.

Garage de Paarl Driver Badge

Does Garage de Paarl have a WhatsApp Number?

Yes, We have a business account which we can be reached at. Our number is +597 403600 (WhatsApp messaging + WhatsApp Calling). Please click this link to contact us through WhatsApp.

I did not get a receipt for my transport service; can I still obtain one?

Yes, if you need a receipt for your taxi service, please send us a WhatsApp message or an email and our Administration Team will send you a digital receipt. If you would like a physical receipt for your future reservations, please request this while making the reservation.

Beside Airport transportation what does Garage de Paarl offer more?

  • Garage de Paarl also provides corporate transportation for businesses (Multi Nationals) within the city.
  • Transport to different districts as Albina or Nickerie or Brokopondo. Please send us an email for more information.
  • We also have a variety of vehicles depending on the client’s needs. We have: Stations, Minivans, Shuttle busses and Luxury SUVs.

Why can’t I make a reservation online for tomorrow?

Our website has a security feature which does not accepts reservations within 24 hours. If you want to make a reservation within 24 hours of your arrival or departure, please contact us by telephone so we can book your reservations immediately.

I want to make a reservation for bigger groups (more than 13 people)?

For groups of more than 13 people, please send us an email, or visit us at our office for further inquiries and assistants.
We can assure you; we will meet your needs regarding your reservation.